Ethical-first strategy & design for digital products

We embrace a moral responsibility to create digital products that pave the way for sustainable business by adding real value to people’s lives.

What do we mean by ethical-first?

Our strategic and design approach is centred on your customers’ privacy, security, and wellbeing.

Consider having a web or mobile app. How do you gather customers’ data? How do you store it? Do you make it easy for them to delete their account? Are you using manipulative design methods to accomplish a certain business goal? Does the design truly reflect your customers’ needs? Do you test your app against dark UX patterns? Do you aggregate notifications where possible? We can go on and on…

We ask such questions from the get-go, to anticipate and avoid future problems in your business, rather than you having to react after a situation arises.

What can your business gain from an ethical overhaul?

By positioning your business as transparent, purpose-driven, environmentally-friendly, and having a long-term vision, you can create a true qualitative differentiator and disrupt an entire sector.

Provide your customers a digital product built upon trust, honesty, fairness, confidentiality, and accountability. Establishing those values into your brand, strategy, and design, will create a positive financial return down the road. Because happy customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers are your most valuable business asset.

Our approach usually revolves around the following:


We help you come up with a product approach that conveys the right message to your audience.


We create designs tailored to provide maximum value with a minimum amount of functional complexities.


We help you construct an open-source technology-stack based on privacy, security, and scalability.


We do ongoing checkups and improvements to predict and save you from possible future consequences.
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The businesses we can help usually look like this:

  • Their business grows equally in profit, as well as in accountability.
  • They thrive in fairness and fundamental respect towards their customers.
  • They create responsible solutions that enable sustainable consumer behaviour.
  • They want to influence the world in meaningful ways with fantastic user experiences.
  • They are true to their brand mission and nurture a long-term vision.
  • They are committed to creating a more just and inclusive world.
  • They are not always businesses, but can be non-profits, or people with brilliant ideas.