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Based on the credo that ethics in digital products should never be an afterthought, we've ingrained ethical foresight into all our processes.

An illustrative representation of UX audit.

UX audit

Just like a doctor makes a general checkup before giving you a diagnosis, we can examine your digital product to understand what can be tweaked and refined, and to fix any hidden dark UX patterns or other unethical behaviour of your system that might cause future technical, financial, and even legal repercussions.

An illustrative representation of product strategy.

Product strategy

Before we draw any pixel or write a line of code, we set a product infrastructure grounded on a technology-stack that is open-source and privacy-first. Your customers should feel safe. Therefore, we advocate mindful gathering of data, and we tailor a product direction that binds growth with responsibility, to pave the way for a sustainable business.

An illustrative representation of product design.

Product design

Your product can make a major qualitative differentiator and disrupt an entire sector if you allow us to design with principles that protect human vulnerabilities and nurture human attention, trust, and intuitiveness. Let us design a positive emotional attachment to instil customer loyalty because loyal customers are your most valuable business asset.

An illustrative representation of product development.

Product development

Simple tech is our tech. It's nimble and resilient. We use as little code as possible to solve as big challenges as feasible. Because we understand the more code is written, the more cost for refactoring, dependencies, and creeping bugs in some weird corner of the universe. That's not nimble, neither resilient. Some even say code is poetry, and we'd like to think the same.

An illustrative representation of content strategy.

Content strategy

What kind of language does your brand communicate to your customers? Or did you just pasted a generically-written content from your document to your website? We'd like to fix that. We'll dissect each sentence and rewrite it to fit into your branded voice and tone. What? You don't have one. We'll create one for you. We'll even put the Oxford comma for free.

An illustrative representation of ongoing support.

Ongoing support

Our relationship shouldn’t end with delivery because your digital product is an ongoing process that requires constant measurement and fine-tuning. We’ll use services to gather anonymous data, to give us just enough insights into your customers’ behaviour, to predict and save you from possible future consequences, by putting remedies early-on.